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Excitement is Brewing




The Home Run Derby is at Citi Field tonight.  I absolutely love watching the Derby, it is so exhilarating watching someone have the power to consistently hit the ball over the outfield wall.   I watched my first Home Run Derby in 2006 and I’ve been hooked ever since.   

I have to be honest, I’m a little worried about tonight’s events.  I am not sure if we are going to see HR numbers like we have in the past few years.  Not many HRs are hit at Citi Field but that all adds to the excitement of the event. 

The report from the Futures Game was that the minors are filled with players who are ready to make their mark on the majors.  I’m excited to hopefully see a few of them as they enter the ranks, especially the two that were playing for my team.   You know one of the next greats was playing yesterday.  Mike Piazza got a standing ovation from the fans when he got up to bat at the Celebrity Softball Game, and then continued in typical fashion with a HR.  Kevin James kept everyone entertained but he’s always been good at that. 

I can’t wait for tonight.  As I reported on Friday, I would go with seats in section 134 or 135.  If you are at the game, track it. Let us know where the balls are landing. I’d love to analyze the data.


(Photos courtesy of Jeffery Pers)



The All-Star Game is Visiting Citi Field


The IdealSeat team has been tracking foul balls at Citi Field since August of 2012.  As of today, 555 plays have been recorded.  With the All-Star game/events coming to Citi Field this weekend, I was going to write about Citi Field, the events, the locations, how exciting the city was going to be with all of the stars at the Fanfest.  I had so many topics to choose from.  As I was putting my thoughts together for this week’s blog, I realized there was something really nagging at me.  All of the aforementioned items are really interesting but the burning question I had and wanted to write about was, “Where do the foul balls go when everything is equal?”  There are only three players playing in all of the games, the HR derby (my personal favorite), the future’s game, and the All-Star game, which are comfortable with the playing field.  One of these players is a pitcher who is not going to hit but obviously he’ll impact the location where some of the batters will (hopefully the first 6 batters of the AL).    I’m guessing he’ll pitch a total of 30 pitches if he starts, so his statistical impact on the location of foul balls will be small in comparison to the amount of foul balls which can be tracked.  (Looking through the notes, I do not believe we have actually tracked one of his games, so this is all new data to be analyzed.)

It would be great to be able to attend all three events for when do you have the opportunity to track two teams playing in a major league ball park when nobody is actually “at home”?  Would the foul balls in these three games be different than they are on a game when the Mets are playing, such as sections, 110a, 109, 116 and 126?  I’m not sure. 

If I were going to the game, I’d still try for seats in the sections where the data is trending.

If I was going to the HR derby, I’d go for tickets in sections 134 or 135.

For those of you going to the games, track some balls.  This is a once in 49 years’ experience and I’d love to analyze that data.


Transitioning the blog to our website

The IdealSeat team is in the process of transitioning the blog content over to

Apologies for any inconvenience and please come check us out on the website!

Fan Plays of the Week 6/10

IdealSeat Fan Plays of the Week for June 2-9. We scan every highlight in MLB and share the best fan grabs in baseball for you to enjoy!

Umbrella time, hat catches, and some great tips from the king of the ball hawks, Zack Hample.

Unbelievably, the ball gets stuck on an I-beam and is retrieved by an umbrella. Yes, umbrella. DET@BAL 6/2

Heads up in the booth! HOU@LAA 6/2

Not really sure what is going on here. Where did the second ball come from? OAK@MIL 6/4

Sweet over-the-rail hat-catch at Yankee Stadium CLE@NYY 6/5

Nice play on the rebound after he misses it. TOR@SF 6/5

Fan takes one for the team in Boston and lands on the field. TEX@BOS 6/6

Ball hawk Zack Hample gives some tips on where to sit to catch a “gamer.” PIT@CHC 6/7

Fan loses foul ball and Zaun to the rescue! TEX@TOR 6/7

Great diving catch at Citi Field MIA@NYM 6/9

Fan Plays of the Week 6/3

IdealSeat Fan Plays of the Week for May 27- June 2. We scan every highlight in MLB and share the best fan grabs in baseball for you to enjoy!

Memorial Day and a “short” week means that there is a good chance we watched a lot of baseball…

Also apologies for the links with no pictures, MLB has updated their video format (its pretty cool for the most part) but a side effect is the links are not capturing pictures anymore. Will work on it for next week.

There is nothing special about this play, except that its a nice catch by Michael Morse on Memorial Day, and my family is enjoying the game about ten rows up from where he makes this catch. Can you find us? SD@SEA 5/27

One of the best catches of the year, in the running for top fan plays! PHI@BOS 5/28

Good grab in SD off Brendan Ryan’s liner SEA@SD 5/30

Great grab by a fan down the line at the Padres game TOR@SD 5/31

Umbrella scoop. Nice. DET@BAL 6/2

Nice catch in the booth! HOU@LAA 6/2

“Buy your perfect ticket and know, where foul balls go, where the sun is, where the concessions are”


We were in the first row of section 109 last Friday night at Citi Field and I can honestly tell you, that’s the place to be.  Our tickets were relatively cheap (due to the lackluster year we are having) and it was worth every penny we spent.  We had our own personal bathroom, a waiter, and loads and loads of foul balls.  Everyone in our row ended up with a foul ball, Daniel Murphy almost landed in our laps, and Mr. Met came by to say hi.  It was a great game, despite the downpour that started at the end of the 7th and continued to the end of the 8th when they suspended the game in a 5-5 tie. 

ImageThe seats also give you access to the Delta 360 club.  Where that club does not offer steak sandwiches, it offers a lot more, a warm place to sit, three full bars and a great view of the field. 

We had a personal visit from Mr. Met, so those with children can get to hang out with him as he looks to enter the field for the Pepsi shirt toss during the middle of the 6th inning.

Great seats, great price, and it looks like the owner wants to sell their tickets for they always seem to be available online for those of you that want to try it out. 

(We are trying for the Pepsi Porch next to report from there)  :o)

Go IdealSeat.



Fan Plays of the Week 5/27

IdealSeat Fan Plays of the Week for May 20-26. We scan every highlight in MLB and share the best fan grabs in baseball for your viewing enjoyment.

The Memorial Day weekend has come and gone with lots of great plays, more flying bats (pine tar shortage of 13?) and Miggy having some fun with the crowd.

Miguel Cabrera and a fan have an, um, interesting interaction. Wonder what she said? CLE@DET 5/21

Edwin Envarnacion chucks his bat into the stands (unintentionally). Announcer, “he got a lot of distance on that one.” Yes he did. TB@TOR 5/21

A lucky fan in Atlanta brings home a bat from the game. Nice play! MIN@ATL 5/22

Baby catch of the week! One hander while holding his toddler, nice. WSH@SF 5/22

Hunter Pence loses his bat into the stands. “We have seen an awful lot of these this year” We concur. Is anyone keeping bat thrown stats?

Miguel Cabrera back in the mix. This time getting a home run from a fly out and a fan a souvenir where none was previously possible. DET@CLE 5/22

Padres fan hits a double, two foul balls in one game! STL@SD 5/22

Nice catch in Beantown. “And their still getting souvenirs!” CLE@BOS 5/23

Fan almost makes a play on the second deck. Hold on tight fans. BAL@TOR 5/25

Lefty makes a snag in San Francisco. COL@SF 5/25

Reporter takes one for the team. And still keeps on reporting. PIT@MIL 5/25

Royal one hander. KC fan makes the grab. LAA@KC 5/26

A ball girl makes a younger fans day when she tosses him a foul ball ar Fenway. He is pumped! CLE@BOS 5/26

J.B Shuck gives a young Royals fan a souvenir after missing a foul ball deep into left field territory. LAA@KC 5/26

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